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“There's nowhere else these families can go, they shouldn't have to go anywhere else. They should be able to get the treatment they need right here in their home (Nevada).” – Arthur I., PICU Nurse Leader

“Without the hospital's help, I wouldn't have my kids. It's extremely important that they prioritize this for people like me.” – Brooklynn B., Mother

“This is a community resource that we can be proud of, and can support our families throughout the state (Nevada).” – Patricia Ramsay, NICU Medical Director

“We provide services nobody else in the state (Nevada) provides.” – Caren Lipsky, Staff Neonatologist


In a Nevada Independent Dec. 11, 2018 article titled “Sunrise Highlights Neonatal Care in Campaign to Increase Medicaid Reimbursement Rates” Megan Messerly writes that 75% of the babies in Sunrise’s neonatal intensive care unit are on Medicaid and the hospital treats 1,000 babies in the NICU yearly. As a safety net hospital, Sunrise provides care to Southern Nevada’s sickest patients. The article explains that if Sunrise doesn’t receive additional financial help via an increase in Medicaid reimbursement rates, it will not be able to continue providing its current services. To educate the public and legislators on the need for increased Medicaid reimbursement, Sunrise has launched the Every Baby Counts NV campaign. It hopes to shrink the millions it lost on Medicaid billings last year, which is a 91% increase in losses since 2012. Read More

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